Blog - March, 2018

I appeared before Regional Planning & Works Committee on behalf of some dozens of residents who signed a petition opposing the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Conestoga Parkway from Chandler/Strasburg over to Avalon/Southmoor. The residents had concerns about crime infiltrating their neighbourhood from the south side of the expressway.

And here is the rest of the story not reported in the local media papers.

In addition, my main concern was the $7.6 million cost of this bridge to be built by the Region, The money was part of Infrastructure Canada program giving municipalities money to address transit issues. The Region wants to provide bridge access to the bus routes on Chandler that are not available in the Avalon area. There was bus service in the Avalon/Stirling area for years until the transit staff removed the route for lack of ridership a couple of year ago.
Now the Region wants to take this free federal money (our tax dollars) and build a bridge to provide access to riders. Clearly is a waste of taxpayers’ money building a bridge if there’s a lack of riders.

This bridge was not in the Regional budget last year. But because of Canada’s 150th birthday, the feds are handing out loot.

Residents in the Traynor area are begging for access to the businesses on Fairway since they have been cut off with the construction of the LRT along the hydro corridor and the installation of fencing. Surely, a bridge there would be more worthwhile and beneficial.

Plus, this money is not guaranteed from the feds. The Region has allocated 67% to come from debentures to proceed which means interest has to be paid over a number of years to cover costs. Waste of taxpayers money.