On tour of renovation and expansion of main downtown library with KPL officials Surveying city work crew cleaning up tree damage from last summer's severe storm on Avondale Ave On a city back biking trails with the City's Bicycling Committee Serving food to one of the volunteer coaches at the annual Kitchener Minor Hockey year end dinner Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshui and me at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Halifax in 2011

"Zyg's knowledge of planning as a career planner has helped me understand the nuances of the planning field and how to represent and support my constituents in my ward on various development applications. In his Ward, he listens to residents’ concerns, works with them and then supports their cause at Council meetings."

City Councillor Yvonne Fernandes

“My knowledge of Zyg goes back some 20 years. I always found him to be open, hardworking and honest in all my dealings with him and (he) will prove to be an asset to our City as a member of Kitchener, City Council.” 
Ed Redgwell

"I recently met up with Zyg at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario meeting in Ottawa where he was spreading the good word about Kitchener and learning about how he can help improve the community.  He just doesn't stop, and we need more people in public life that have Zyg's passion.
Rob Leone, Former MPP for Cambridge.

Zyg has been an outstanding councilor for our ward, always available and very generous with his time. He showed great leadership helping the neighborhood address a serious speeding issue on Glasgow St by implementing calming measures in cooperation with city staff.
Andrew Macleod

“Zyg Janecki has been serving our community effectively and with great dedication for many years.  Zyg's leadership abilities and concern for our City and Region have been clearly demonstrated by his experience as Councillor for Ward 8, on municipal committees, efforts in support of the arts, minor sports and other volunteer efforts on our behalf"
Stephen Woodworth, former MP,  Kitchener Centre

Zyg Janecki has been a trusted and experienced community leader for over 40 years. His former work as a City of Kitchener Planner helped modernize and rejuvenate our city, moving it thoughtfully forward to accommodate the influx of new businesses and families. He respects tradition and preservation as Chair of the Heritage Kitchener Committee, but also understands that a growing city needs good infrastructure that is carefully planned and financially affordable for citizens. Always a relevant leader he dealt transparently and responsibly in his role as Vice-Chair of the Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee for the city, and his work on the Grand River Hospital Board helped set the new and futuristic direction for a more modern and expanding community health service model. He values our tax dollars! I endorse Zyg Janecki because of his honesty, leadership, and many years of work experience that can help grow our city for new businesses, attract innovative new technology, and make our city one of the best to live in and work in for all families.
Dr. Harry Hoediono
Grand River Hospital

It is my pleasure to endorse Councillor Zyg Janecki for re-election in Ward 8. I have had the opportunity to work with Councillor Janecki on a planning issue outside of his Ward and his support and advise were invaluable.
Councillor Janecki is exceptionally qualified to continue on Council, his tenure thus far has shown him to be the “peoples Councillor”, who is not afraid to uphold issues even when doing the right thing is viewed as contentious. Councillor Janecki is a retired professional town planner which adds to his skill-set in dealing with city staff on development issues. He is always approachable, responsive, friendly and above all professional.
On October 22ndvote Zyg Janecki for Councillor – Ward 8.
Stephen Tisdall

" My family lives in a neighbourhood that was built on a high water table. Councillor Janecki has been a tremendous resource for us in navigating groundwater issues that have affected many residents in our area. He has made himself available during the day and after hours, by telephone or face to face meetings. Zyg, responds promptly to emails and when he does not have the answer to a question he will consult with city staff and promptly report back to me. No issue is too big or too small for Councillor Janecki to deal with. He has been a tremendous support and has served us well."
Dave Minnes

Summer 2017
We were worried about the safety and visibility at the north - west corner of Westmount and Union, looking up the hill towards Waterloo. We found that we could not see the cars (which often travel quickly) coming too far up the hill unless we moved well past the white stop line to the very edge of Westmount Road. We felt that this jeopardized the safety of the drivers as well as the pedestrians trying to cross the west side of Union at Westmount.
Earlier this year, we recognized Zyg when he was in our neighbourhood and shared our concern with him. He listened and then suggested that we could check it out right away, so we drove to the corner in our car. Later he drove in his own vehicle to do the same thing. He agreed that there was a problem and told us that he would look into it, which he did immediately.
This summer a sidewalk was installed on this side of Westmount road so some trees needed to be trimmed, unfortunately not the ones that created the major visibility problem. With Zyg's involvement, the Region came back and removed the lower branches of the specific trees. This greatly improved visibility without having to sacrifice beautiful, mature trees. A win/win.
We were very impressed with Zyg's communication and prompt attention to our concerns. He kept working on the problem until there was a solution, even when he was on holiday in Florida! We think that this has improved the visibility quite a bit and may help prevent an accident in the future. Thank you.
D & A Minnes

“We need fiscally responsible councillors that make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely.  I believe Mr. Janecki is one of those individuals."

Dan Reid

“Zyg has always been a Belmont Village promoter; he follows up on what he says he’s going to do; he is diligent about attending meetings; very approachable and easy to get a hold of. We appreciate working with you Zyg.”

The Belmont Village BIA Board

“I had the pleasure working with councillor Janecki ‎to preserve local jobs and keep taxes low through fair and open tendering. I look forward to his continued work on behalf of Kitchener residents

Michael Harris, former MPP

Down the road, come the next election, please feel free to count on me for support. A statement of support, lawn sign, handout a few local flyers, etc.  Your service in Council is exemplary, just what residents needed!

Dan Pronovost

 "I've known Zyg for over 30 years and worked with him for 20 years. I also know him from his involvement in the Polish Community and participation in every polish event. Zyg is very honest and hard working. He loves people and cares for them. This is why I endorse him." 

Maria Pruchnicki-Karczmarczyk, past President of the Canadian Polish Congress Kitchener District

Dear Mr. Janecki,

We have been living in the Forest Hill neighbourhood for the last 34 years. Thank you Mr. Janecki for the help you provided me in regard to surveys and bylaws.
I am glad you are running for public office. We need more people like you to represent us. GOOD LUCK!

Gerhard Reuss

"As a former member of Kitchener Council, I know how important "experience" can be in making decisions. This year, with at least six of the ten councillors, to be elected, being new to the job, I believe Zyg's experience as a former planner at City Hall and his community involvement makes him the obvious choice to represent Ward 8."   

Harold Chapman, former Kitchener alderman

"I've known Zyg for over 30 years and I endorse him. I have worked with him and am very impressed that he knows all aspects of City Hall from his vast experience and that he would make an excellent councillor for the residents of Ward 8."  

Les Rudrum Sr.,  former Kitchener alderman

"Candidate Zyg Janecki is a man of his word. With the integrity he has shown me, I hope that he achieves his goal. He has proved to me that he is a man of his word, and there are too few left who talk the talk and then go on to walk the walk."  

Beverly Snider, Kitchener

"Zyg's knowledge of planning, heritage and municipal government has made Zyg a capable and effective representiative for Ward 8 and for the citizens of Kitchener."    

Richard Christy, former Mayor of Kitchener 

"Zyg's involvement in radio and orchestras demonstrates his support of the arts in our community."    - Fred Merritt, former FM 98.5 Personality